Episode 93 | Leftist Propaganda Infecting Schools

Episode 93 | Leftist Propaganda Infecting Schools

This week on the Pro-Life America podcast, we discuss the realities of abortion coercion including how wide spread it is, when it becomes violent, the fallout it creates, and the importance of knowing your significant other’s position on abortion. Hear one woman’s heartbreaking story of how she was coerced into having an abortion. Are you experiencing abortion coercion? We have advice about what to do.

Abortion advocates censor Black Lives Matter protest outside Planned Parenthood

Radical communist protesters tried to censor a Black Lives Matter demonstration outside Planned Parenthood which targets the African American community with abortion. Pro-life protesters carrying the Black Lives Matter posters were greeted by the local communist group in Austin. The Planned Parenthood protest was organized by InfoWars to draw attention to the number of Black…

Protest at Planned Parenthood to state “Black Lives Matter”

Pro-life protesters using the Black Lives Matters theme will converge at Planned Parenthood in Austin to expose how the eugenics founded organization targets the Black community. The protest, which will take place Thursday, May 21st, is being organized by the group InfoWars. Details from their blog: Infowarriors and pro-life activists are encouraged to come and…