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Abortion is the greatest injustice taking place in the world today.

There are those who want to see the conflict over legalized abortion as a simple political, cultural, or theological confrontation between two groups of people with differing world views. But when the first baby was killed, that position was no longer sustainable. At that moment, our society was thrust into an age in which one group of human beings-motivated by greed, murky political agendas and selfishness – would be permitted to legally slaughter another group of human beings for any reason, or no reason, at all. The womb was instantly transformed into the most deadly environment on earth.

The result is that abortion is the leading cause of death among American children, with about one child in four being killed in this barbaric and cowardly way.

That is why we take the battle over abortion very seriously. It’s why you do too. It’s why you fight as fiercely as you do. We’re not here to put up a good fight, we’re here to win, because winning is how the killing stops. We will not back down until the last American death camp has been padlocked.

So, if you’re serious about stopping this holocaust, be serious about supporting Life Dynamics.

Your support allows us to continue to go inside the belly of the abortion beast and come out with the grisly facts that will one day shock our fellow Americans into rising up and demanding an end to this holocaust. Each time we release reports exposing the sale of baby parts, the women raped and sexually assaulted inside abortion clinics, the industry’s protection of pedophiles, the women killed for refusing to have abortions – another nail is hammered into the coffin of legalized abortion.

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