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CD: Fire and Ice

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A great pro-life tool, ‘Fire & Ice’ is a two-part audio CD, which tells the disturbing tale of partial-birth abortions, and has a moving speech by Dr. Alan Keyes.

Part 1: An Actual Partial Birth Abortion (Ice)

Chilling audio of Martin Haskell, the inventor of the partial birth abortion, narrating a film of an actual late term abortion. He coldly describes the process, while the audience applauds when the suction machine is used to end a baby’s life. In addition, you will hear numerous clips of audio from a National Abortion Federation conference, where abortion supporters admit and even laugh about many of the lies that they tell.

Part 2: Dr. Alan Keyes Independence Day Speech (Fire)

This speech will help light a fire in the heart of all who respect America’s founding principles. Dr. Keyes destroys the pro-choice position with pro-life arguments rooted in America’s heritage of respect for God as our creator and the source of people’s rights. He explains why standing up for the unborn is the American thing to do. Dr. Keyes also sounds a warning that all Americans need to hear.


This CD is an excellent tool for student groups, churches, and makes an wonderful, affordable hand-out at your next event. Those who purchase 20 or more copies will receive a discounted price of 75 cents for each CD!


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