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What Your Church Can Do

“Open your mouth for the speechless, in the cause of all who are appointed to die.” –Proverbs 31:8

DownloadChurchDoc2As Christians, it is our responsibility to stand up against abortion. Download the PDF: What Your Church Can Do To Help Stop Abortion to get a list of things a church can do to stand against abortion.

However, if you are unable to stand together as a church in the battle for the unborn, remember that there are many things you, as an individual, can do to make a difference, such as: volunteering at a local crisis pregnancy center, provide support and donate supplies to pregnant women in your area, donate to pro-life groups that you feel are making a difference (even the smallest donations are a big help), and keeping an open heart to those in need.

We ask you to always pray for the protection of those unborn babies threatened by abortion, for the well-being of women in crisis pregnancy situations, and for the victims of abortion. Remember, that for each one of the thousands of innocent babies that are killed every day, there is also a woman who is subjected to the physical and psychological trauma of this horrific procedure.

We hope you will keep the staff and the work of Life Dynamics in your prayers, as well.

Also, please pray for our elected representatives and for the judges and other appointed officials. Those in these positions, constantly face pressure to rationalize and compromise on issues of principal where the pro-life cause is concerned. Pray that the eyes of these officials would be opened and that they will be moved to stand for truth and justice on all issues related to the sanctity of life.

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