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“Knowledge is power” is a very popular saying that is used in many situations. Well, in Life Dynamics’ case it is true because we use knowledge and the truth to shut down abortion clinics, and to put abortionists out of business. You can be an important part of this effort to help stop the abortionists by becoming a Spy for Life!

What is a Spy for Life? It is a pro-life ally who can send us any dirt about an abortionist, abortion clinic, clinic employee, or hospital that allows abortions. And, anyone can be a Spy for Life!

The information that we need to shut down abortion clinics, and to help stop abortion, is all around us; but Life Dynamics’ eyes and ears can’t be everywhere at once – so we need your help! The information that we need is very important, so we are relying on you to roll up your sleeves and help us out!

Where can you find the dirt? It probably won’t be the feature story for any news organization, but there are plenty of other places that it can be. Sometimes it’s a malpractice suit, hidden away in some filing cabinet at your local courthouse. It could be a tiny article that is buried deep in a section of a local newspaper. Or, it could be something you’ve kept secret that has been hidden away for the last ten years. It could be anywhere. We’ve even seen abortionists put in jail with information that they threw out in their own garbage!

If you have found any tidbit of information, then be sure to send it to us at:

Spies for Life
c/o Life Dynamics
PO Box 2226
Denton, TX 76202


email to: [email protected]

You may wish to remain anonymous, and that is perfectly fine!

Spies for Life is a great, legal, and cheap way for you to help stop the killing.

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