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Life Dynamics offers various tools and a lot of great products to not only help advance the pro-life movement as a whole, but to also help individuals in their own pursuit of saving babies’ lives.

Siege – The Pro-Life Field Manual by Mark Crutcher

Siege by Mark Crutcher What is the hidden agenda behind Obamacare? What financial struggles does the abortion industry currently face? What is the BGS? What are the biggest threats the pro-life movement faces?

The battle over abortion is a war between the abortion lobby and the unborn. How we, the pro-life movement, perceive this conflict will dictate every decision we make and every action we take. Right now, the pro-life movement is entering a new phase in this battle with opportunities we’ve never had before. But in order to successfully save those unborn lives that are hanging in the balance, we must be prepared to adjust our strategies and tactics. This game-changing book is designed to provide a better understanding of the battle ahead and gives ideas for how we as a movement proceed.

Pro-Life Answers

Pro-Life Answers by Mark Crutcher - produced by Life Dynamics

There are a lot of tough questions when it comes to abortion. Those who are for abortion, often ask difficult-to-answer questions to try to stump the pro-life person. This section will help you make sure that you have the perfect answers to even the toughest arguments abortion advocates can raise. Pro-Life Answers is also available to buy in printed format by clicking here.

Become A Pro-Life Operative With
Our Intel Operations Training

The information we need to destroy the abortion industry is inside the abortion industry! For the first time, those who are serious about carrying out pro-life intelligence operations have an opportunity to be trained by the people who paved the way for it and built their reputation on it! Our seminar has been formatted into DVD set, so that pro-lifers across the country can now participate in this course. With the information in this course, Life Dynamics President, Mark Crutcher, will show you how to get the information we need to shut down legalized abortion in America! So if you want to be a professional intel operative, order the DVD set today.

Free Printable Action Card

In 2014, Life Dynamics released a short video on YouTube titled, Shocking Video: Millions Dead which proved the overwhelming death toll of legalized abortion in the US. The feedback was incredible, so in response we created a free printable action card to share the pro-life message with others.

Abortion Procedures Animation Video

This medical education abortion video uses state of the art 3-D This computer generated animation to depict the two most common surgical abortion procedures — the suction curettage abortion method and the dilation and evacuation, or D&E, and the most common injuries resulting from these type of abortions. Our video was created with the guidance of experienced Ob/Gyns and cross-referenced with several abortion textbooks…


Want to share the pro-life message with your friends or family? Well, Life Dynamics’ E-Cards are an easy way to help spread the message. Whether you’re staying in touch with fellow pro-lifers, want to give a word of encouragement for those fighting to save babies’ lives, or you want to change someone’s heart and mind, these E-cards will help to get people thinking about abortion.

Pick your favorite card, add your personal message and the person’s email address, and hit send – it is that easy!

The Life Dynamics Force Form

Whether you are a sidewalk counselor or volunteer at a CPC, or you can help a woman who is being forced to have an abortion with the Life Dynamics Force Form. To learn how this form is used and to download, visit the Force Form information page.

Watch the video with Life Dynamics President, Mark Crutcher, as he discusses the success of the Force Form and how it can be used to prevent abortions on women against their will.

Pro-Life America Podcast

PLA Podcast Cover Slider

Exciting, provocative and sometimes controversial, our free podcast covers abortion and the ongoing cultural civil war in a way you have never seen it before.

Our Newsletter: The Pro-Life Voice

Pro-Life Newsletter: The Pro-Life Voice

With new issues released monthly, this free newsletter will feature original articles from the staff at Life Dynamics that you can’t get anywhere else!


Life Dynamics offers a variety of pro-life related products. Whether it is books or brochures, DVD’s or t-shirts, our products are meant to help advance the pro-life issue and save babies’ lives. There is something for everyone and at affordable prices too.

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