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The illegal activity that is occurring at abortion clinics represents an enormous, and untapped resource, for the pro-life movement.

When abortion clinic owners or directors are engaged in illegal activities, it is common for them to lure their employees into participating in those crimes. They believe that employees who are personally involved in criminal activity will be frightened by the idea of being caught and prosecuted, and that they will keep silent.

This campaign educates abortion clinic employees about illegal activity that may be going on where they work, what legal exposure they could be facing, and what they can do about it.

At Life Dynamics, we have extensive experience with abortion clinic employees, and former employees, who have either witnessed or participated in illegal activities occurring at their clinic.

There are many illegal activities that could be taking place, but some of the more common ones are: financial and insurance fraud, sexual harassment and assaults, and health and safety violations.

In the past, most of the clinic workers were intimidated into silence because they didn’t know the answers to two questions: “Who do I tell?” and the question that they wonder most about, “Am I, personally, in legal trouble?”.

Since we began the project, we have seen that virtually every abortion clinic in the country in engaged in at least some sort of illegal activity and most are engaged in several.

That’s Where You Come In…

The Clinic Worker campaign is a great way for you to be personally involved in the pro-life movement. Help us inform abortion clinic employees that they could be involved in illegal activities- make them think twice about keeping silent and working at the abortion clinic!

Our Clinic Worker products are simple, but effective ways to reach out and let the abortion clinic staff know that they are at risk of going to jail and that there is a way out.

This pro-life campaign will have an effect not only on the abortion clinic workers, but by extension, the abortion clinics themselves. Here are just a few reasons why this campaign is effective:

  • Legal: There is nothing that the abortion clinics can do to combat this campaign. Encouraging clinic workers to speak up is a legal, non-violent, and non-graphic way to try to shut down the abortion clinics.
  • Cost Effective: It’s affordable! Our Clinic Worker Cards and Injured After Abortion Cards are only $5.00 for 100 cards.
  • Plenty of Opportunities: Even though abortion clinics are shutting down across the country at a fast rate, abortion is still legal and this will work at the local level.

Remember, we have seen evidence that clinic employees are starting to be less afraid to come forward; and our clinic worker tools can be the boost they need to speak out. In addition, it is likely to cause women entering the clinic to take a second look at what they are getting themselves into. Since we have released these tools, we have seen impressive results.

  In the video below, the hosts of Life Talk interviews Cecilia Tombelli about how the Lansing Coalition for Life is using the Life Dynamics Clinic Worker Kit.

We hope you will become a part of this project! It is a great way to become involved in the pro-life movement! We also ask that you encourage every other sidewalk counselor, picketer, and protestor you know to join in. It’s inexpensive, legal, non-violent, non-graphic, and it works.

Share your support for this project with our clinic worker facebook cover!


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