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Forced Abortions

The media and the abortion industry loves to use the rhetoric “war on women” to apply to when regulations are placed on the abortion industry and abortions themselves. However, the real war on women is when women are forced to have abortions against their will. These supposed “champions of women’s health” are always the first ones to talk about forced abortions with disapproving tones, while making it clear that they feel no obligation to let it influence the way they deal with their “clients.”

The only logical explanations as to why abortion clinics would perform an abortion on a women who are being coerced are (a) no counseling is done, (b) the counselor is grossly incompetent and should never have been trusted with this responsibility, or (c) the counselor’s personal, financial, or political bias in favor of abortion erases any concern for the victim. Remember, these clinics financially profit from abortions, so it is not unreasonable to expect that they be indifferent or may resort to coercion and manipulation in order to guarantee a sale. In one of her speeches, Carol Everett said this about “clinic counselors,”

“I’m sure you’ve seen those numbers advertised that say “Problem Pregnancy,” “Abortion Information,” or “Pregnant?”. When a young girl finds out she is pregnant, she may not want an abortion, she may just want information.

But when she calls that number that’s paid for by abortion money, what kind of information do you think she is going to get? Remember, they sell abortions. They don’t sell keeping the baby. They don’t sell giving the baby up. They don’t sell delivering the baby in any form. They only sell abortions. The counselor that the girl speaks to on the telephone is paid to be her friend. She is supposed to seduce her into a friendship of sorts to sell her the abortion.”1

In one of our latest projects, An American Abortion Clinic, a former patient of Texas Abortionist Douglas Karpin, testifies about the manipulation and coercion for her abortion by the clinic staff.

In some cases, we have found that women have gone to clinics for pregnancy, not intending to have an abortion, only to have the “doctor” convince them that an abortion is medically necessary, when in fact it was not. (For more information about this, read Lime 5.) Even in these cases, the philosophical position of the pro-choice community and the abortion industry appears to be that even if a woman chooses to have an abortion she doesn’t want because of threats or coercion, it remains within the “pro-choice” purview since she was still the one who ultimately made the decision.

However, abortionists are not the only “medical providers” that have tried to convince a woman to abort. In some cases, counselors, general practitioners, OBGYNS, and school counselors have tried to convince a woman to get an abortion for many reasons, including age of the mother, possible fetal anomalies detected, or low economic status. On one episode of Life Talk, Life Dynamics President Mark Crutcher interviews Angela Hadaller, a woman who was pressured to abort by one of her doctors.

The impact that these people can have on a pregnant woman can be devastating. In the case of Marla Cardamone, a medical counselor pressured her for several weeks, calling at all hours of the day, to pressure her into an abortion because of birth defects due to medications. The day after her abortion, 18-year-old Marla died. During the autopsy, it was revealed that baby Christopher did not have any defects or abnormalities. To learn more about Marla’s story and watch an interview with her mother, visit

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Coercion for abortions doesn’t just include deception and emotional pressure, sometimes pregnant women are threatened with violence as incentive to abort. The truth is, one of the most common sources for coercion comes the father of the child. This is because abortion is a safety net for sexually predatory and sexually irresponsible males. These males understand that abortion allows them to avoid any commitments to the women whose bodies they use or any responsibility for the children they father; and American society now believes his responsibility is to pay for half the abortion and provide transportation to the clinic.

It is not uncommon to see women who come to abortion clinics are willing to stop to sidewalk counselors, but are prevented from doing so by the males who brought them there. In many cases, these men are belligerent and can become verbally or physically abusive toward these women, the sidewalk counselors, or both.

So the big question is, how do the kind of men who rely on abortion as a safety net react when the woman they impregnate is unwilling to jump into it? Unfortunately, in many cases, these women suffer horrifying and crippling physical injuries, even death.

In our Under the Radar Violence Report, we document cases where women were killed for refusing to have an abortion. These cases are only a fraction of the ones we found and did not include cases where the women survived this horrific violence. In some cases we document, the female was as young as 15 years old.

Read the Under the Radar Report


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