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Abortions on Non-Pregnant Women

The issue of performing abortions on women who are not pregnant would seem like fiction. In fact, that is exactly what the abortion industry and abortion proponents would like you to believe. Unfortunately, abortions performed on non-pregnant women is far from fiction or something from the past.

There are several factors that enable this situation to continue, such as: inadequate pregnancy testing or the failure to perform pregnancy testing, poor record keeping, old ultrasound technology, monetary incentives, and in one documented case- the abortionist mistakenly walked into the wrong room and failed to identify which patient he was about to operate on. The Spanish speaking patient, “Alcida,” screamed for him to stop, but the abortionist ignored her pleas and completed the procedure.

In Lime 5, the biggest behind-the-scenes look at the abortion industry, we document several cases where abortions were performed on women who were not pregnant. Many of these women suffered damage to their reproductive organs, however, one woman bled to death as a result. 1

Some pro-choice supporters would have you believe that these cases are rare and occurred from poor clinic conditions years ago; however arrests, license suspensions, and convictions of abortionists, as well as testimony from former clinic workers over the years tells an entirely different story. For instance, Sheri McDaniel, the former employee of Kansas abortionist William Malcolm Knarr stated:

“The pathology reports were known sometimes to come back saying, “No products of conception.’ The women were never told about the pathology reports. The woman thought she had received an abortion procedure and she would never find out. I know of at least two individuals whom Knarr knew were not pregnant and he went ahead and did an abortion procedure, charged them for the abortion procedure, and treated it as a termination of a pregnancy.” 2

— Sheri McDaniel
Former Employee of Kansas Abortionist William Malcolm Karr

In December 2014, abortionist Nareshkumar Patel was arrested obtaining money under false pretense after improperly prescribing abortion-inducing drugs to patients he said were pregnant, but were not. According to the Oklahoma Attorney General’s office, an investigation into Patel’s dubious practices arose from a complaint that he had performed an abortion procedure on Pamela King, even though she was not pregnant. 3 

While there are specific documented cases, it is impossible to get the full scope of just how many abortions are done on women who are not pregnant. Abortion clinics are notorious for poor and inaccurate record keeping as well as unwilling to disclose these records to patients and law enforcement. The result is that this enables clinics to cover up the abortions done on women they mistakenly believed to be or otherwise knew were not pregnant.

However, there has been enough evidence to prove that abortions on non-pregnant women occurs, that some states have passed laws requiring physicians to perform ultrasounds on a patient before they can perform an abortion.

In a legislative analysis report that was done on Michigan’s House Bill 4446, the Informed Consent bill that was passed in 2005, it states: “some abortion clinics perform abortions on the basis of the results of a urine test alone. These tests can give false positives. There is anecdotal testimony to suggest that women, in some circumstances, have been given an abortion when there was no pregnancy. Requiring an ultrasound will give additional verification that the woman is pregnant and protect the health of a woman by ensuring she is not given an unnecessary procedure.” 4

Ironically, the biggest opponents of these bills are pro-choice groups and those within the abortion industry. These critics claim that these types of bills are “redundant”,  “invasive”, and may require “a medical procedure that may not be necessary,” despite the fact that ultrasounds are supposed to be a routine part of any abortion procedure.

On the website, one Illinois abortion patient wrote, “2 weeks later (after the abortion) I got a letter from the clinic telling me to come back, but they didn’t say why. I was a nursing student and something told me that was not right. I went back for an ultrasound and they still would not tell me why, but I soon got some clues. I requested my medical records and looked at the pathology report.
On my report no baby parts were found!… I called the clinic and asked what this meant, and why were there no parts & I wanted to know just what the hell they did to me. The more I preyed, the more they denied… I asked my OB-GYN to review my record from the clinic. He told me I had a blighted ovum…What it meant was I hadn’t killed my baby, but, I should have had a D&C and the abortion clinic did not tell me this because they missed it due to the abortionist DID NOT READ MY ULTRASOUND. Is that good, quality, professional medical care? I think not.”

These very bills are designed to counteract situations like in the clinics of Knarr, Patel, and even Carole Everett’s former clinic. In her testimony in the  “Meet the Abortion Providers” workshop, she stated:

Channel 4, a television station in our area… They sent their star reporter, Laura Randall, in, wired for sound. And we so convinced her that she was pregnant and that yes, she needed an abortion, and we had the answer, that when she left there the poor girl was so shaken that she went to another doctor… And she wasn’t pregnant. So we had a five-day report wherein Laura Randall, wired for sound, came in the abortion clinic and had our doctor saying, yes, baby, you’re pregnant. Come on, let’s do this abortion today. You haven’t had anything to eat, you’ve got your money, why would you want to come back tomorrow. Come on, let’s do it now…5

Unfortunately, due to the very nature of the abortion industry, as long as legalized abortion continues, this is a phenomenon that will continue to happen behind the closed doors of these clinics.

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