Life Dynamics

Report: Rape & Sexual Assault In The American Abortion Industry

America’s Carefully Hidden Sex Scandal

RELEASED: 2/5/19

A report from Life Dynamics Incorporated prepared by:

Mark Crutcher and Renee Hobbs


As this report will show, one of the darkest and best-kept secrets in America is that women are sometimes raped or sexually assaulted inside the clinics where they go for abortions.

What we discovered during our research into this subject is that these facilities can represent “the perfect storm” for sexual predators.


By their nature, they are secretive and isolated environments in which young females are making the most difficult and emotionally charged decision of their lives.  That, combined with the physical realities of the procedure itself, can leave these young women highly vulnerable to sexual predators.

Making matters worse, that vulnerability is increased significantly by the fact that a high percentage of these women are having abortions in an effort to conceal their pregnancies.  This means that an equally high percentage of an abortion clinic’s clientele cannot afford for certain people in their lives to find out where they are and what they’re doing.  In the minds of abortion patients, this need for secrecy is not only common, but it can be so powerful that it overrides every other consideration.

Unfortunately, every abortion provider is keenly aware of this, and for those who are prone to sexually assaulting their patients, it is their assurance that the overwhelming majority of their victims will not report them to the authorities.


The most reliable estimates are that, due to stigma and embarrassment, fewer than one in five of all sexual assaults are ever reported.  Obviously, that number is going to plummet even further when the stigma of abortion is added to the mix.  And again, every abortionist in America knows this.

Another contributor to the under-reporting of sexual assaults committed by abortion providers is that patients are often under general anesthesia while having abortions and may not know they were assaulted.  And even if they are aware of it and do file a complaint, prosecutors can be reluctant to take these cases to court.  Their concern is that, since the victims were unconscious at the time of the assault, a jury may not see them as believable.  This could even apply to women who were only given “twilight” anesthesia.  They may have been aware of the assault, but prosecutors know that defense attorneys will contend that the assault was a drug-induced illusion caused by the anesthesia.

Under-reporting can also be caused by the guilt some women experience after having an abortion.  If they are raped or sexually assaulted at the abortion clinic, they may just accept it as something they deserved or see it as God’s way of punishing them.  When that is their attitude, they don’t report.

These are among the factors that prevented us from uncovering anything more than a tiny fraction of the total number of these crimes.

But despite that, it is undeniable that thousands of women have been raped or sexually assaulted in American abortion clinics.

 A prime indicator of this is that whenever an abortionist is publicly accused of sexually assaulting one of his patients, it is almost inevitable that other women – sometimes in the hundreds – will come forward with similar claims.

That is a common pattern and a typical example of it occurred in 2001 when Arizona abortionist, Brian Finkel, was indicted for sexually assaulting a patient.  Within days, more than 100 additional women told law enforcement officials that he had also assaulted them at his abortion clinic.  After Finkel was convicted and sent to prison, a Phoenix police investigator told Life Dynamics that those 100 women represented only a small percentage of his victims, and that their department had estimated the actual number was probably more than a thousand.  Taped interviews between police detectives and four of Finkel’s former employees (on file at Life Dynamics) clearly back-up that conclusion.

It is important to note that some of the instances cited in this report took place years ago.  This confirms that this problem is not a recent development and that the abortion industry has known about it for decades.  It should also be understood that the fact there are fewer recent cases in this report does not indicate that fewer abortion patients are being assaulted today than in prior years.  Instead, our effort to identify the more recent cases was crippled by the fact they are now being buried much deeper than they were in the past.

This is happening because the media has taken on a greater role in the abortion lobby than it ever had before, with their primary responsibility being damage control.  In that capacity, they are certainly aware that the image of women being sexually assaulted in abortion clinics would be a public relations nightmare for the pro-choice effort.  So today, when a woman makes such an accusation, the media will either ignore it altogether or simply identify the perpetrator as a doctor and omit any reference to abortion.  We saw an example of this in 2015 when the Boston Globe published an in-depth report on Roger Ian Hardy’s history of sexually assaulting his patients.  Although this document was over 6,000 words long, it never mentioned that Hardy was an abortionist who had worked for at least two Planned Parenthood facilities.

To understand how the problem of women being raped or sexually assaulted in abortion clinics came to exist, we need to look at the pedophile priest problem in the Catholic Church as well as the allegations against people like Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby.  One thing we know is that both of these situations flew under the radar for decades because the insiders who knew what was going on remained silent.  Leaders in the Catholic Church said nothing while, behind the scenes, they were busy shuffling pedophile priests from diocese to diocese in an attempt to keep the scandal hidden.  Likewise, people in the news and entertainment industry knew for years about Weinstein and Cosby (and many others) but kept their mouths shut for the sake of their careers and to protect their industry.

Of course, in both situations the most damaging effect of these cover-ups was to protect the perpetrators and make sure they always had a steady supply of fresh victims.  Now it is now clear that the same thing has been going on inside the American abortion industry.  Given the length of time this problem has existed, it would be laughable to suggest that the insiders are not aware of it, but for financial and political reasons they look the other way.

The result is, among the approximately 3,000 women who walk into this nation’s abortion clinics every day, an unknown number will end up in the hands of violent sexual predators.  Then afterward, the abortion lobby and their media allies will write these women off as nothing more than collateral damage in their political war to keep abortion legal.



The following case files contain language and descriptions of sexual activity that is not suitable for all readers. Discretion is urged.


In 2002, Abraham was operating an abortion clinic in Clifton Park, New York. According to a report by state officials, in March of that year he raped “Cassandra” after performing an abortion on her. The report states that, later in the day, Abraham went to her apartment under the guise of delivering pain medications and, once there, he “grabbed her by the hair and threw her onto her bed and then had sexual intercourse against her wishes.” Abraham’s license was revoked in August of 2005 after authorities declared him “morally unfit to practice medicine.” [The Times Union 9-17-2005 and 11-22-2011; State of New York Department of Health State Board for Professional Medical Conduct, Determination and Order BPMC No. 05-154]



On November 9, 1992, “Kim” underwent an abortion by California abortionist, Lawson Akpulonu. According to court documents, after ordering his nurse to leave the room, he started massaging Kim’s genitals, thighs, and buttocks. She also stated that he fondled her breasts and rubbed his groin up against her exposed vagina. She said that she asked him what he was doing and pushed his hand away. When she began to cry, he stopped the assault and left.

On January 28, 1995, “Abby” was having an abortion performed by Akpulonu, when she awoke from the anesthesia to find him raping her. He immediately gave her an injection that put her back to sleep. When she woke up a second time, he was standing next to her with his erect penis out of his pants. She tried to push him away but he gave her another injection that put her back to sleep. When she awoke for a third time, she discovered that her sweater had been removed, her bra partially pulled down exposing her right breast, and he was caressing her. When she tried to scream, he placed his hand over her mouth. While continuing to fondle her breasts, he told her that she was sexy and had a beautiful body. He then kissed her right breast, placed his business card inside her bra, and told her to call him anytime.

Other women made similar accusations against Akpulonu and, in February of 1995, California authorities filed four sexual misconduct charges against him. At that time, his medical license was suspended and he was released on bail pending trial. In August, after detectives presented a local judge with evidence that he was still performing abortions, his bail was revoked and a warrant was issued for his arrest. By this time, however, Akpulonu had disappeared and police were not able to serve the warrant. [Medical Board of California, Accusation No. 17-95-46707; The Culver City Independent 8-24-95]



In 2014, Alexander was an abortionist operating out of a clinic in Forestville, Maryland. According to documents from that state’s Board of Physicians, he was accused of non-consensual sexual contact with multiple patients starting in 2006. Among those allegations, patient “Margie” claimed that he told her she had the breasts of a 30-year-old and that they were “looking good.” Another patient, “Julia,” stated that, during an examination, Alexander told her to put her legs up, commented on how beautiful she was, and told her that she was going to have a lot of penises coming after her for a long time. In 2016, Maryland officials found him guilty of “unprofessional conduct in the practice of medicine” and revoked his license. [Maryland State Board of Physicians, case #: 2006-0672, 2009-0925, 2010-0397 and 2011-0357; 5-13-14; Maryland State Board of Physicians Practitioner Profile System 11-26-18]



Attig was an abortionist at Westgate Family Medicine in Tacoma, Washington, where “Susan” said he made inappropriate comments about the small size of her vagina. He suggested that what she needed was to “somehow stretch you out” and recommended that she use items such as a pop bottle, a douche bottle, or a vibrator. In April of 2000, the State of Washington Department of Health Medical Quality Assurance Commission charged that Attig repeatedly spanked, kissed and hugged “Vicky” and told her to pull her pants down and bend over the examination table. It was also revealed that he was sending her sexually explicit e-mails. [State of Washington Department of Health Medical Quality Assurance Commission, Docket No. 00-03-A-1118MD, Order on Request for Termination of Commission Order; Iowa Board of Medicine Medical License Verification, 6-13-12; The Columbian, 6-12-01]



Burpo was an abortionist working for Planned Parenthood in Fairview Heights, Illinois. On November 9, 1995, he was charged with six counts of sexually assaulting patients, including one incident in which the victim was a minor. As part of a plea bargain, prosecutors dropped these charges after he agreed to plead guilty to illegally dispensing drugs and billing the government for services he did not perform. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 11-8-95 and 4-4-92]



In 1992, 21-year-old “Jenny” says that when she called for an appointment at an abortion clinic in Jackson, Mississippi, she was told that none were available. However, the receptionist took her number and the clinic’s abortionist, Malachy DeHenre, called back and agreed to see her that evening. Jenny says that when she arrived, she discovered that she and DeHenre were the only people in the building. He told her to put on a paper gown and, as she was doing so, he began to make sexual comments about her body. When she tried to leave, she noticed he was taking off his pants. After Jenny told authorities that DeHenre raped her, charges were filed against him but he was later acquitted. Then in 2007, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison for murdering his wife. The prosecutor in that case stated that other women told his investigators that DeHenre had raped them while they were in his clinic for abortions. [Associated Press, 1-31-08; Clarion Ledger, 10-5-07; DeHenre v. State of Mississippi No. 2008-KA-00968-SCT]



In 2001, Arizona abortionist, Brian Leslie Finkel, was charged with sexually assaulting a patient who was undergoing an abortion at his Phoenix clinic. When this incident was reported in the local media, more than 100 additional women made similar allegations against Finkel to the Maricopa County District Attorney’s Office. He was eventually charged with over 60 counts of sexual misconduct involving 35 women. In 2004, he was convicted on 22 of those counts and sentenced to 34 years in prison with no chance of parole for at least 20 years. In a local newspaper article, a cellmate of Finkel’s stated that Finkel told him that he loved his job as an abortionist because he got to play with a lot of breasts and rub the crotches of his patients. The cellmate described Finkel as “a sick son-of-a-bitch” and said he should never be let out of prison. [Arizona Superior Court Case No. CV 89-18758; Arizona Board of Osteopathic Examiners “Prior Area of Concern”; Arizona Board of Osteopathic Examiners “Letter of Concern” 3-9-92; Osteopathic Licensure Verification; The Arizona Republic, 1-3-04; Associated Press 1-29-02; The Arizona Republic, 1-29-02]



In 2005, three clients of the Women’s Advisory Center abortion clinic in Bloomfield Township, Michigan, testified that abortionist, Rodolfo Finkelstein, hugged and kissed them, squeezed their buttocks, and used his fingers to penetrate them before and after their abortions. The three victims were between 17 and 21 years old, and one of them told authorities that he told her how pretty she was, then massaged her clitoris and asked her if that turned her on. Finkelstein was scheduled to appear in the 48th District Court for a preliminary hearing on two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and five counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct. However, he failed to show up for the hearing and authorities concluded that he had fled the country. Although he was eventually located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, it appears that he was never extradited to the United States. [The Detroit News, 3-10-05; EFE World News Service, 12-15-05; The Daily Oakland Press, 2-26-05; Bloomfield Township Police Dept. Incident/Prosecution Report]



Floyd operated several large abortion clinics in South Carolina. In July of 1973, “Kathryn” – a 19-year-old student nurse at Richland Memorial Hospital in Columbia – told authorities that he grabbed her by the arm as she was leaving the nurses’ lounge and led her down a flight of stairs. When she asked where he was taking her, he replied, “You never ask a doctor where he’s going.” Kathryn told investigators that when Floyd brought her into a room that was still under construction, she became alarmed and asked him to let her go. At that point, she said that he tried to kiss her, tightened his grip on her arms, and began pulling down her pants. She stated that she was not physically strong enough to prevent the rape and was afraid to scream. A subsequent physical examination of the victim confirmed the presence of semen. Floyd was arrested and held on $10,000 bail, but records indicate that this case was “No Billed” and never went to trial. Floyd was later killed in an automobile accident. [Richland County Court of General Sessions Case No. 30159; “Prosecutive Summary” for Case No. 73-5456; Floyd v. Anders, U.S. District Court for the District of South Carolina – 440 F. Supp. 535, D.S.C. 1977]



In 1982, Kentucky abortionist, Nabil Ghali, was convicted on four counts of illegal sexual contact with the 14-year-old daughter of one of his friends. “Jana” testified that Ghali offered her a massage, then took off her bathing suit and penetrated her vagina with his fingers and penis. He was also convicted of performing various sex acts with her on three other occasions. During the trial, an eight-year-old girl testified that Ghali had also molested her and that she had seen him touch the chests and genital areas of other children. Her 12-year-old sister testified that she saw him put his hand up a five-year-old girl’s shirt.

After losing his license in Kentucky, Ghali moved to Florida and continued doing abortions. When Florida revoked his license, he moved his abortion business to Ohio where, in 1993, a lawsuit brought by two women accused him of “sexual battery.” Then in 1996, he was indicted on 76 charges involving 25 patients, including 47 counts of felonious sexual penetration and 29 counts of gross sexual imposition. He eventually pleaded no contest to six felonies and was sentenced to six months in prison. [The Cleveland Free Times Jan. 20-26, 1993; Department of Professional Regulation Case No. 0057913; Kentucky Post 10-21-82, 11-9-82, 11-11-82; Kentucky Inquirer 11-9-82, 11-11-82, 1-13-83; Cincinnati Inquirer 11-12-82; Miami Herald 5-7-88; Cleveland Plain Dealer, 12-12-96; In the Court of Common Pleas, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, case # 327567]



On April 28, 1986, Goldenberg was an abortionist at the University Women’s Center abortion clinic in Tamarac, Florida, when “Danielle” called about having an IUD removed. Goldenberg agreed to see her after hours. Later, she told a friend that Goldenberg had drugged, fondled and raped her, and the friend described her as disheveled and groggy. Experts with the Florida Department of Professional Regulation (DPR) later determined that Goldenberg had sedated her with Vistaril, Talwin, Thorazine, and Valium in what they described as “excessive quantities and inappropriate intervals.” Danielle told authorities that these drugs left her unable to resist the rape, and one medical expert testified that the dosages Goldenberg administered to Danielle could have been fatal.

Court records, DPR files and police reports show that Goldenberg was accused of sexual misconduct by other patients and had been the subject of several lawsuits challenging his fitness to practice. In Danielle’s case, authorities were unable to prosecute Goldenberg – partly because they said the drugs he gave to her made her an unreliable witness. Also, a local treatment center for sexual assault victims said they could find no physical evidence of rape. However, at the time this organization was investigating him, Goldenberg was a member of their board of directors. He surrendered his medical license in August of 1988 and died two months later at the age of 41. [Florida Board of Medicine Case numbers 0070744 and 0073882; Sun Sentinel, 7-17-88; Associated Press 8-6-88]



Gradwohl was a registered nurse and supervisor at Lovejoy Surgicenter – an abortion clinic in Portland, Oregon. A female co-worker at this facility said that she became concerned about the inappropriate sexual comments made by clinic staff, including Gradwohl. This employee eventually filed a lawsuit against Gradwohl after witnessing her fondle the breasts of unconscious patients and make demeaning comments about the clothing, hygiene and bodies of other patients. The employee, who was married, stated that Gradwohl tried to talk her into having sex with one of Gradwohl’s friends. She also stated that after Gradwohl had breast augmentation, she began exposing herself to employees and urging them to fondle her. As a result of disciplinary action taken by the Oregon State Board of Nursing, Gradwohl is prohibited from practicing as a nurse or caregiver. [In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for the County of Multnomah, Case No. 121013513;, 10-30-12; Oregon State Board of Nursing Reference No. 13-00872]



Hardy was an abortionist at Planned Parenthood in Worcester, Massachusetts, after having previously worked for a Planned Parenthood facility in Santa Clara, California. In 2002, “Cara” accused Hardy of sexually assaulting her while he was treating her at another facility. When this case was made public, another 18 women came forward saying that they too had been sexually molested while being treated by Hardy. There were also similar allegations made against him by female members of his staff. As a result, Hardy lost his medical license in Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire. [Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine, 6-4-2004 and 4-16-2004; Commonwealth of Massachusetts, County of Worcester, The Superior Court Civil Action #WOCV96-00791; The Boston Globe, 12-6-15]




On October 11, 1991, New York abortionist Abu Hayat was conducting a follow-up exam on a 25-year-old woman that he had performed an abortion on. After placing “Carol” facedown on an examining table, Hayat inserted one finger into her anus and another into her vagina. His other hand was on her buttocks which he eventually moved and placed under her breast. When confronted about this by state officials, Hayat denied that Carol was even a patient of his. However, that defense unraveled when investigators found his signature on a prescription he had written for her. Hayat was later arrested on a separate criminal matter and prosecutors stated that, during that trial, other women came forward alleging that he had also sexually assaulted them at his abortion clinic. [New York Department of Health “Determination and Order” for Case No. BPMC-92-13-A; The New York Times 11-23-91 & 6-15-93]



In 1989, Barry Hill was a nurse anesthetist at the Today’s Woman Medical Center abortion clinic in Miami, Florida. During an inspection of the facility, a state official uncovered a collection of photographs focused on the genital areas of clinic patients lying nude on exam tables with their feet in the stirrups. Hill later admitted that the photos belonged to him. During the investigation, it was discovered that Hill would open patients’ garments and fondle their breasts while they were under general anesthesia, and there was evidence that he paid clinic staff members a commission for each woman they persuaded to purchase general anesthesia rather than local anesthesia. It was also revealed that, on at least two occasions, he called other employees into the exam rooms to look at the breasts of his victims. [State of Florida Department of Professional Regulation, Board of Nursing Case No. 89-010853]



According to an investigation by New York state health officials, in July of 1991, after completing an abortion at a White Plains women’s health center, Holschauer gave the patient a pill that he said would help her relax. He then took her back to her apartment and had sexual intercourse with her.

In July of 1995, Holschauer was working at South Orange Gynecology in Monroe. After performing an abortion on a patient there, he later showed up at her place of employment seeking a sexual relationship with her. Then in March of the following year, Holschauer asked a patient for sex after doing a biopsy on her at Horton Medical Center in Middletown. Health department officials say that, after he removed the gauze following the biopsy, he began to pull down his pants, telling the woman, “I just did you a favor, now you could do me a favor.” [Holschauer v. Fisher Appellate Division, Second Department Published by New York State Law Reporting Bureau pursuant to Judiciary Law; State of New York: Department of Health State Board for Professional Medical Conduct, In The Matter of Daniel Holschauer, M.D.; The Times Herald-Record, 6-1-01; verification Searches, 3-19-15]



In 1995, Kaji was an abortionist in New Jersey and Pennsylvania when New Jersey authorities suspended his license for sexually assaulting patients. In one incident, “Katy” said he made numerous sexual advances toward her, fondled her, and then had sexual intercourse with her. Documents show that Kaji was aware that Katy had been sexually abused as a child, suffered from severe depression, and had a history of psychiatric hospitalization. Kaji admitted that he had invited Katy to his office to provide her with sexual stimulation, but that having sex with her was not a violation of medical ethics because he had no emotional involvement with her, did not charge her for the visit, and his sexual advances were not premeditated. In subsequent instances, two other patients claimed that he sexually molested them as well. In October of 2018, Kaji still owned seven abortion clinics under the name, American Women’s Services. [Bucks County Intelligencer 10-28-93; Philadelphia Inquirer 10-29-93 and 10-4-18; Levittown-Bristol Courier Times 3-22-95; License verification in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, 3-19-15; The State of New Jersey, Department of Law and Public Health, Division of Consumer Affairs, State Board of Medical Examiners per: State of New York Department of Health, Determination and Order #95-179;]



In 2006, “Angie” told authorities that when she arrived for an appointment with Michigan abortionist, Jacob Kalo, she noticed that no one else was present but the two of them. She said that he had her lay on the examining table and began to rub her clitoris. He became alarmed when her phone rang and stopped the assault. This gave her the opportunity to escape.  

Angie stated that Kalo then called at her home and told her to come back in so he could re-examine her. She agreed as long as this second appointment was to be conducted at his other office. However, when she arrived she discovered that all the employees were gone. Kalo then led her to an examining room, pushed her down on a table, pulled out his penis and told her that she had to either perform oral sex on him or masturbate him. He said that if she refused, he would force her to have anal sex. While Angie did as she was told, Kalo was groping her and pulling down her pants. Before she left, he threatened to do worse things to her if she ever told anyone what he had done.

At this time, Kalo worked for The Woman’s Center abortion clinic in Warren, Michigan, where he had a pattern of sexual abuse complaints from his patients. In just two of those cases, police say that, in 1998, a woman accused him of groping her breasts and then rubbing and licking her clitoris, and in 2001, another woman made an almost identical accusation. In October of 2018, Kalo was still operating four abortion clinics in Michigan. [West Bloomfield Police Department report, 2001-018413-I; Michigan License Verification, 3-20-15]



On April 15, 1988, Tennessee authorities arrested Kennedy on out-of-state warrants alleging that he sexually assaulted three female patients at Lincoln Hospital in New York City. Although he had no medical license to practice in Tennessee, at the time of his arrest Kennedy was performing abortions at the Family Planning Clinic for Reproductive Health in Nashville. In April of 1990, the State of New York revoked his license after finding him guilty of engaging in conduct that evidences moral unfitness; abusing patients; practicing fraudulently and failing to maintain accurate records. His license was also revoked in Alabama and Kentucky. [State of New York: Department of Health State Board for Professional Medical Conduct, License # 170926; Alabama State Board of Medical Examiners, 7-12-12; Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure, 4-7-89; The Tennessian, 4-10 & 18, 1988]




According to court documents from Orange County, Florida, on July 2, 1982, “Nicki” was undergoing a follow-up exam related to a procedure abortionist, Robert Lieberman, had performed on her on June 17. She was naked from the waist down and partially covered by a paper sheet. Lieberman began making sexually graphic comments to her and reached under the sheet to touch her body. Although Nicki told him to stop and repeatedly pushed his hand away, Lieberman unzipped his pants and ordered her to scoot down to the end of the examination table. When she refused, Lieberman forcibly pulled her to the end of the table and raped her.

In 1981, “Gina” stated that Lieberman forced her to kiss him while he fondled her breasts. She said that she was initially afraid to press charges against him because he had performed two abortions on her prior to her marriage and she did not want that information revealed in a court proceeding.      

In June of 1989, the Orlando Sentinel reported that, between 1980 and 1985, Lieberman was the defendant in 11 lawsuits in which he was accused of sexual attacks on patients. [Orange County Circuit Court Case No. 84-1969; State Board for Professional Medical Conduct, State of New York Department of Health, Calendar No. 10500; Orlando Sentinel 6-3-89; Associated Press 6-4-89; The Miami Herald 6-4-89 Record No. 8902080824]



Lizardi was working at a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Rochester, New York, when his license was suspended for six years by the state for sexually assaulting a patient. “Connie” charged that Lizardi stimulated her clitoris, fondled her breasts, questioned her about sexual activities, and told her how beautiful her face and eyes were. [State of New York, Department of Health, State Board for Professional Conduct, Commissioners Order # 7906, 12-23-87; Statement of Charges, New York Office of Professional Medical Conduct, 8-26-87]



In October of 2000, Newton was working for A Preferred Woman’s Health Center – an abortion clinic in Charlotte, North Carolina. When “Skylar” came into his office to discuss her ultrasound, he locked the door behind her. He then complimented her on how pretty she was and how soft her breasts were. Skylar became upset and left after Newton pushed her onto his couch, fondled her breasts, exposed his penis, and tried to get her to perform oral sex on him.

“Darlene” stated that when she was seen at Newton’s office in August of 2001, he asked her very personal questions about her sex life, including what kind of sexual activities she enjoyed and whether she liked oral sex. The next day, he called her at her home and said, “I want to [expletive deleted] you. I have always been attracted to you. I would just like to take you to bed and do things that would make you feel wonderful.” The North Carolina Medical Board suspended Newton’s license in August of 2002 for sexual misconduct, but reinstated it less than six months later.

As of November 2018, licensing status information put out by the North Carolina Medical Board showed that Newton lived in Winston-Salem and was still doing abortions at various women’s clinics. An investigation by Life Dynamics documented that one of those facilities was A Woman’s Choice of Greensboro. [Before the North Carolina Medical Board, Notice of Charges and Allegation; Notice of Hearing; Consent Order; Temporary Medical License, 11-11-02; North Carolina Medical Board Licensee information, 11-5-18]



In 1989, Okereke was operating an abortion clinic in Buffalo, New York, when his medical license was revoked after multiple patients told state officials that he sexually assaulted them. A few years earlier, two of Okereke’s patients said that he forcibly raped them and then offered them bribes to not testify against him. In 1988, a female co-worker had claimed that he drugged her at an office Christmas party and tried to have sex with her. [The Buffalo News, 12-30-90 and 5-4-91; The University of the State of New York Board of Regents Disciplinary Proceeding and Order No. 10761; New York Department of Health Administrative Law Judge’s Report]



In 1986, Panah worked for OBGYN Care – a chain of abortion clinics in Maryland – when state officials suspended his license for sexually assaulting three patients. According to state documents, “Ava” claimed that while Panah was examining her, he kissed her on the lips and fondled her breasts. “Jody” stated that he also kissed her and tried to stick his tongue in her mouth. “Bonita” said that Panah performed three breast exams on her during a single office visit. When she asked why he did so many breast exams, his explanation was that she had “beautiful tits.” He also asked her how she felt about dating older men and suggested that he visit her at her place of employment. [The Maryland State Commission on Medical Discipline case # 86-294]



On March 25, 1993, “Angela” was undergoing an abortion by Patel at his Warr Acres, Oklahoma, abortion clinic. She told authorities that when she came out from under the anesthesia, Patel was trying to force his penis into her mouth. Later, he began calling her at home to find out if she remembered anything about the incident. Angela was taping these conversations and when she turned this evidence over to the police, Patel was charged with attempted forced oral sodomy and sexual battery. After he was arrested for the assault on Angela, “Tina” also filed a lawsuit against him. She claimed that Patel tricked her into meeting with him to discuss her mental condition following her abortion and that, at this meeting, he tried to kiss her.

In another incident, a woman claimed that when she was lying nude on Patel’s examining table, he attempted to fondle and kiss her. When the allegations against Patel became public, two other women came forward and told police that Patel had also raped them. In addition, two female employees of the abortion clinic sued Patel, complaining of unwelcomed sexual advances and sexual harassment. One former co-worker added that, in 1990, Patel repeatedly touched her breasts and buttocks. [USA Today 4-17-92; The Daily Oklahoman 5-28-93; Dallas Morning News 6-11-93; The American Bazaar, 12-10-14; 5-29-93 and 3-19-94]



Reich was an abortionist for the Family Planning Medical Center abortion clinic in Beverly Hills, California. He had a history of complaints against him for inappropriate sexual conduct with patients dating back to the 1970s. In one incident, “Patty” said that she went to Reich for an abortion in 1979, and that prior to the abortion he performed oral sex on her and, afterward, ejaculated into her mouth.

Court documents contain accusations by other patients that Reich asked them inappropriate and intimate questions about their sex lives, their sexual fantasies, the quality and frequency of their orgasms and whether they masturbated and how it felt. Some patients said he told them to masturbate in front of him and, if they refused, he would rub their clitoris and genital areas with his bare hands. There were also accusations that he fondled the breasts and vaginas of patients while attempting to initiate sexual relationships with them.

In December of 2002, he pleaded no contest to sexually assaulting two female patients for which he was sentenced to one day in jail and a year’s probation. 

Then in April of 2006, he was convicted of sexually assaulting two more patients, given a 10-year probated sentence and forced to surrender his medical license. But in 2008, he was found to be doing abortions at the Clinica Medica Para La Mujer De Hoy in southern California. This was part of a chain of abortion clinics operated by Bertha Pinedo Bugarin.

Bugarin was also performing abortions at these facilities where at least one patient alleged that she was fondled and sexually assaulted by her. Bugarin was eventually sentenced to six years and eight months in prison when it was discovered that she was not a physician and not legally allowed to do abortions. However, she was released in 2011 after having served less than half of her sentence. [The People of California v. Laurence A. Reich, Los Angeles County Superior Court case# LA041280; Santa Monica California Municipal Court case #M107591; Osteopathic Medical Board of California case numbers L-2003070702 and 82-18/L-27267 and 2000-07-1060; Los Angeles Daily News, 2-22-08;, 9-25-09; LA Times, 2-22-08]



Silverman once owned the largest chain of abortion clinics in Massachusetts. In 1989, he admitted to charges of sexual misconduct with “Cheryl” after she accused him of placing his mouth on her breasts for several minutes. Numerous other patients then came forward and stated that he also fondled their breasts and made sexual advances towards them. [Physician Registration Renewal Application; Boston Globe 9-2-89, 9-6-89, 7-2-99; Cape Cod Times 5-18-89, 5-31-90; Slate, 2-25-11]



In the 1990s, Snir was an abortionist in Tysons Corner, Virginia, when several women accused him of sexual misconduct that included: unwanted hugging and kissing; inappropriate comments about their bodies and physical appearances; crude and non-medical questions about their sexual practices; medically unnecessary messaging of their genitals; telling patients about specific sex acts he would like to do to them; calling patients at home and making improper sexual comments to them; and visiting patients at their places of work including one episode in which the police had to be called before Snir would leave. There were also indications that Snir enjoyed inflicting pain on his patients. [Fairfax Journal 8-5-94; Washington Post 8-5-94; Correspondence from the Commonwealth of Virginia Board of Medicine 5-13-94, 5-4-92, 4-17-90, 5-27-88, 4-14-88]



From 1996 to 2000, Stevenson was an abortionist at the Okanogan Valley Clinic in Washington. Then, from 2000 to 2003, he worked at two abortion clinics in Oregon – the Women’s Center of Bend and the East Cascade Women’s Center. In 2003, he closed his Oregon practice after two patients said that, while they were undergoing abortions, he inappropriately hugged and kissed them and rubbed their breasts and buttocks. Previously, there were allegations of improper sexual contact between Stevenson and patients in both Washington and Colorado. [Documents Before the Board of Medical Examiners, State of Oregon, Stipulated Order, Voluntary Limitation, license No. MD22232; The Columbian 11-24-03]



In 2014, Virmani was arrested and charged with one count of second degree rape and two counts of second degree sexual offense. At the time, he was an abortionist for A Preferred Women’s Health Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, which was part of a chain of abortion clinics in Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, and the Carolinas. Several years prior to this, Vermani had admitted to allegations of improper sexual contact with his patients. In December of 2018, employees of A Preferred Women’s Health Center confirmed that Virmani was still working there. [Charlotte TWC News, 5-8-2014; WBTV, 5-8-2014; WSOCTV; Charlotte Observer, 8-13-2012]

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