Life Dynamics

Month: March 2019

Twisting and Ignoring The Disturbing Truth of Infanticide

Politicians are already revving up their engines and hitting the campaign trail for the important 2020 Presidential election. Recently, at a campaign rally, someone asked Elizabeth Warren, “How come babies that survive abortion can't have healthcare?", after she spoke about the universal healthcare issue. Her response? “Infanticide is illegal everywhere in America.” Screenshot of the confrontation. No copyright infringement intended.…

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We want your feedback on Life Talk!

Since 1999, Life Dynamics has produced Life Talk, a pro-life talk show that tackles the tough issues related to abortion. Mark, Renee, and Sheila on the set of Life Talk. Our goal for this show has always been to provide you with important pro-life news and information to help in the conflict against abortion. But our mentality has always been…

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