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Abortion Malpractice Services
In order to win ABMAL attorneys not only need to know the law, they must also know the abortion procedures so well they could perform one, and the operation of a typical abortion clinic so well they could run one. They must also have complete and accurate information on the abortionists they are suing and the facilities where these abortions occurred.

When it comes to providing these things, Life Dynamics is second to none. To begin with, not only do we have full-time staff members assigned to on-going medical research, we also have what is probably the nation’s largest and most current file on state laws regarding abortion. When combined, these two information systems allow us to help attorney’s develop innovative and cutting-edge legal strategies for their clients.

Then there is our nationwide network of “Spies for Life.” This is a team of volunteer pro-life activists who find and send us information on their local abortionists and abortion clinics. We depend heavily on these people and have actually seen abortion-injured women prevail in court on the basis of information they provided.

Other Services:
  • Expert Witnesses/Consultants
  • CaseNotes: a Client Interview Guide
  • Depositions and Interrogatories
  • Abortion Animation
  • Client Education
  • Case Management
  • Co-counsel Network
  • Comprehensive Advertising Materials
  • Client Brochures